An Overview Of Saftty’s Temperature And Humidity Sensors

Saftty’s temperature and humidity sensors are employed in a number of industries, including those that deal with automobiles, home appliances, and medicine. The Saftty brand is explained in this article, which also suggests one of their goods for everyone.

Recommend you to use Saftty’s AHT20 sensor

Why suggest AHT20 sensor for you? The AHT20 contains a standard on-chip temperature sensor element, an improved MEMS semiconductor capacitive humidity sensor element, and a newly created ASIC specialized chip. Its performance has greatly outperformed or even above the reliability level of the preceding generation of sensors. A new generation of humidity and temperature sensors have improved performance, increasing their dependability in difficult situations.

-Extremely high dependability and outstanding long-term stability

-High accuracy and fully calibrated

-Excellent anti-interference performance

-Extremely cost-efficient

-Adaptable to extreme climatic conditions

Why go with Saftty sensors?

Each temperature and humidity sensor has the product lot number stamped on it and has been tested and calibrated. The sensor has been improved and shrunk, increasing its cost-effectiveness. All gadgets will eventually have access to modern energy-saving operation modes as a result. The sensor’s cost-effectiveness ratio has improved and shrunk as a result of these changes. All equipment will now be able to operate in the most cutting-edge energy-saving mode as a result.


With engineers with more than 15 years of research and development experience, Saftty has established a test lab in Guangzhou to offer customers complete sensor solutions. This lab is staffed by skilled salespeople, production managers, and technical support staff. Therefore, you should have faith that they are your reliable supplier.

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