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APT Medical: Improvements to Electrophysiology

Electrophysiology plays an important role in diagnosing and treating various cardiac arrhythmias, enabling medical professionals to improve patient outcomes. When it comes to electrophysiology, APT Medical is a name that medical professionals rely on. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of this field, APT Medical offers a comprehensive range of products and services that cater to the needs of medical professionals and institutions.

Advancements in Electrophysiology

APT Medical offers a diverse range of electrophysiology products, one of the star products is the SinusFlex™ Steerable Decapolar Mapping Catheter. This innovative catheter features the patented spatial curve, allowing for easy access to the Coronary Sinus Ostium (CSO) and offering effective and reliable CS mapping. CS catheter placement is considerably easier with the SinusFlex™ Steerable Decapolar Mapping Catheter significantly, especially when dealing with anatomical variations. This enables medical professionals to perform electrophysiological procedures with precision and efficiency, ultimately improving patient treatment.

Redefining CS Placement

APT’s renowned SinusFlex™ Steerable Decapolar Mapping Catheter boasts several outstanding characteristics that improve CS catheter placement. Another one of the notable attributes is its compatibility with the femoral vein approach, offering an alternative pathway that minimizes radiation exposure for physicians. This feature not only prioritizes the well-being of physicians but also avoids potential complications associated with approaching the Superior Vena Cava (SVC). By optimizing safety, minimizing risks and improving the effiency, the SinusFlex™ Steerable Decapolar Mapping Catheter brings enhanced efficiency and peace of mind to EP procedures.


With unwavering commitment to excellence and a comprehensive range of innovative products, APT Medical is transforming electrophysiology. Their advanced product portfolio, including the SinusFlex™ Steerable Decapolar Mapping Catheter, empowers physicians to effectively tackle EP procedures.

Choose APT Medical as your trusted partner in electrophysiology. Experience the transformative power of their advanced products and elevate your practice to new heights. With APT Medical, you can trust in their dedication to revolutionize the field of electrophysiology and improve patient outcomes.

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