Enhancing Broiler House Lighting with Hontech Wins’ Poultry LED Solutions

Hontech Wins, a renowned poultry lighting supplier, has successfully implemented their cutting-edge LED solutions in a broiler house project in Paraguay. The project utilized Hontech Wins’ HT-T12AC25W12FD T12 IP67 Dimmable LED poultry tubes and HT-DIM-03L iDimmer to optimize lighting conditions and enhance broiler growth and performance. When it comes to poultry lighting, Hontech Wins is the trusted partner for broiler farmers seeking efficient and customizable lighting solutions.

Tailored LED Lighting for Broiler Houses

The HT-T12AC25W12FD LED poultry tubes provided by Hontech Wins are designed specifically for broiler houses. With a length of 1.2 meters and a dimmable feature, these LED tubes deliver reliable and efficient lighting solutions. The 5000K+Blue color temperature spectrum, tailored for broilers, ensures optimal growth and well-being. The dimming capability allows farmers to adjust the lighting intensity according to the different growth stages of the broilers, providing an ideal lighting environment for maximum performance.

Enhanced Lighting Control with HT-DIM-03L iDimmer

To further enhance lighting control in broiler houses, Hontech Wins offers the HT-DIM-03L iDimmer. This programmable dimmer supports up to 3000W power capacity and features three lighting zones (3L). With the iDimmer, broiler farmers have the flexibility to manage and customize lighting programs to meet the specific needs of their broilers. This advanced control system ensures optimal lighting conditions, leading to improved broiler growth and performance.

Trust Hontech Wins as Your Poultry Lighting Supplier

Hontech Wins has earned a solid reputation as a reliable poultry lighting supplier. Their dedication to product excellence, quality control, and customer satisfaction sets them apart in the industry. By choosing Hontech Wins as their lighting partner, broiler farmers can benefit from innovative LED solutions tailored to their specific needs, enhancing broiler growth and performance in Paraguay and beyond.


Hontech Wins’ successful broiler house project in Paraguay highlights their expertise in providing efficient and customizable poultry lighting solutions. The HT-T12AC25W12FD LED poultry tubes and HT-DIM-03L iDimmer offer advanced lighting control and tailored illumination for broiler houses, maximizing broiler growth and performance. As a trusted poultry lighting supplier, Hontech Wins continues to deliver high-quality LED solutions that cater to the unique requirements of broiler farmers. Choose Hontech Wins as your poultry lighting partner and unlock the potential of their advanced LED solutions for your broiler house.

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