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Revolutionizing Healthcare with Cutting-Edge In Vitro Diagnostic Devices

In the rapidly evolving landscape of modern medicine, in vitro diagnostic devices have emerged as crucial tools that significantly impact patient care and outcomes. At the forefront of this transformation stands Tianlong, a renowned industry player known for its commitment to innovation and excellence in producing advanced in vitro diagnostic devices.

Elevating Diagnostics with Advanced Technology

Founded in 1997, Tianlong has emerged as a trailblazer within the national landscape, dedicating itself to groundbreaking research and the manufacturing of instruments and reagents for nucleic acid testing. The company’s remarkable journey has yielded a comprehensive range of offerings, encompassing nucleic acid extractors, PCR thermal cyclers, real-time PCR systems, automated nucleic acid workstations, and a vast array of compatible kits catering to extraction and detection needs. Their Panall 8000 All-in-one Molecular Diagnosis System, a true embodiment of cutting-edge technology, stands as a testament to their commitment. This system offers an integrated solution for molecular diagnostics, streamlining the diagnostic process and delivering precise results in a timely manner.

Diverse Applications for Precise Diagnosis

Tianlong’s in vitro diagnostic devices cater to an array of medical conditions, ensuring accurate and reliable diagnoses across various specialties. By seamlessly integrating multiple diagnostic steps into a single platform, including sample tube handling, nucleic acid extraction, PCR setup, detection, and result analysis, Panall 8000 transforms diagnostics across various fields. Whether it’s medical laboratories, research institutions, or point-of-care facilities, this all-in-one system simplifies complex processes. This system doesn’t just streamline diagnostics; it empowers professionals to embrace efficiency and reliability across a wide range of applications.

Empowering Healthcare Providers and Patients

This all-in-one marvel redefines simplicity and security in diagnostic processes. Seamlessly integrating decapping/capping of sample tubes, sample loading, nucleic acid extraction, PCR setup, PCR detection, and result analysis, Panall 8000 epitomizes convenience. With an intuitive 12.1-inch touchscreen interface, professionals enjoy a true sample-in-result-out detection journey, streamlined by a single-key operation. The system’s closed design minimizes contamination risks, eliminating the need for extra equipment or result interpretation. Simultaneously testing 8 samples, Panall 8000 delivers reliable, quality results in a compact form factor, revolutionizing molecular diagnostics.


Tianlong’s Panall 8000 All-in-one Molecular Diagnosis System underscores their commitment to excellence and innovation in the realm of in vitro diagnostics. By offering exceptional products, technical support, and embracing the power of technology, Tianlong is shaping the future of healthcare. Their devices empower healthcare professionals, benefit patients, and contribute to the advancement of medical science and patient care on a global scale.

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