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Techking: Strengthening Performance for Demanding Applications

Heavy duty tyres from Techking, such as the TKDM III type, are created with the intention of conforming to the stringent requirements that are imposed by difficult applications. These tires are designed with an emphasis on performance and durability, which allows them to provide heavy transportation operations with remarkable strength and reliability.

Enhanced Tread Design:

The heavy duty tyres manufactured by Techking come with a design that features a reinforced central tread, which increases both overall performance and wear resistance. This cutting-edge design improves both traction and stability, making it possible to achieve both precision handling and maximum grip on a variety of road surfaces. The strengthened tread contributes to the even distribution of the load, which serves to reduce the risk of uneven wear and increase the tyre’s lifespan.

Superior Load Capacity:

The outstanding load capacity of the TKDM III tyres is one of the amazing qualities that sets them apart from other tires. These tires are designed to easily manage big loads thanks to their maximum load capacity of 130% (particularly for the size of 325/95R24), which demonstrates their superior engineering. The tyre’s capacity to endure the pressures of heavy trucking operations is ensured by its robust structure and stronger tire bead, both of which contribute to the tyre’s ability to ensure reliable performance and safety.


Techking’s heavy duty tyres provide the strength and durability required for demanding applications. With their strengthened tread design, superior load capacity, and robust construction, these tyres offer an optimal solution for heavy trucking operations. Techking’s commitment to innovation and quality ensures that their heavy-duty tyres meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

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