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Enhance Battery Production Efficiency with SZJ Automation’s Battery Machine

SZJ Automation empowers businesses to achieve enhanced battery production efficiency. By leveraging advanced technology and innovative equipment, SZJ Automation revolutionizes the battery manufacturing process, streamlining operations, and ensuring superior product quality.

Efficient Notch Processing with Beading Machine

SZJ Automation’s battery machines include state-of-the-art beading machines. These machines utilize a roller blade to perform notch processing through bilateral feeding at the mouth of the steel shell. The beading machine plays a crucial role in the battery production process, encompassing various steps to ensure precise and efficient assembly.

Height and Diameter Detection for Optimal Battery Assembly

SZJ Automation‘s battery machines incorporate advanced height and diameter detection capabilities, ensuring optimal battery assembly. At the upper part of the roller notch, the machine performs height and diameter detection to verify the dimensions of the battery components. This process guarantees the precise alignment of battery holder cups and facilitates the seamless integration of battery components.


SZJ Automation’s battery machines, particularly the beading machine, revolutionize the battery manufacturing process by optimizing notch processing and facilitating efficient battery assembly. The beading machine’s automated functionalities streamline production, reducing manual labor and enhancing operational efficiency.

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