7 effective tips for shooting fish New88 earns a lot of money

The process of hunting prizes becomes meaningful and earns more money when you have effective New88vinet fish shooting tips in hand. Refer to some of New88’s great skills below To best improve your winning rate.

1/ Adjust the speed gradually to shoot fish effectively New88

A Fish Shooting room usually has many members participating, so the shooting speed should be from slow to gradually faster. Aiming and shooting accurately will easily help you capture the target for yourself, do not rush to shoot quickly at small targets.

For large fish, killing will be much more difficult and at this point you need to increase the speed to the maximum. The faster you shoot, the more likely you are to defeat the target and get the desired reward.

2/ Aim and shoot at targets in groups

One of the effective ways to shoot fish in New88 that you cannot miss is to kill in groups. Try to concentrate your spirit and concentrate your weapons and ammunition on long schools of fish with many fish. Here, guns with a medium-range number of bullets are the most stable.

First try to aim the gun at small targets in the school and then aim at larger fish. This method is not only effective but also helps players minimize the number of bullets needed.

Shooting small fish only requires one or two bullets to be easily defeated. The points earned are small but the small amount adds up to a big amount. Therefore, new players should focus a lot on small fish, trying to aim accurately one to one is best. Also, aim and shoot accurately at the target then shoot because big fish often tend to take the path of small fish.

3/ Shoot big fish with professional skills

After a period of hard work, your skills will definitely level up quickly. That means you can aim for larger fish instead of sticking to small sized fish.

Playing for a long time means your accumulated capital is much more abundant, allowing you to buy coins in large quantities. Now combine with professional skills to advance to terrible bosses. Big bosses, once defeated, can help fishermen earn a huge amount of coins.

If a huge target appears, absolutely do not let your guard down, try to shoot continuously until you successfully defeat it. In this case, a minute of subjectivity can make big things difficult to achieve, losing a lot of money but not being able to hunt rewards effectively.

4/ Be flexible in using weapons to shoot fish effectively New88

Weapons are indispensable tools when fighting the Fish Shooting game, effectively supporting fishermen in the process of destroying targets. To hunt rewards most effectively, you must research the effects of each weapon and use it flexibly when playing.

You must research the effects of each weapon and use it flexibly when playing.

Each weapon will have a unique function and if you make full use of it and adjust the angle correctly, the effect will truly be as expected. You should not only use one type, on the contrary, you should flexibly use it alternately in each appropriate situation.


5/ Use single fish shooting skill

The next effective New88 fish shooting method you can refer to is single fish shooting. Here our direction should be small goals that have few points but are super easy to destroy. Playing for a long time can help you earn quite a lot of money.

For these targets, you do not need to use many warheads or heavy weapons. However, if more than 5 target bullets have not been destroyed, it is best to stop looking for another target. Also, if the fish has gone far away, don’t try to aim, it will only waste bullets.

6/ Detailed statistics on the amount of bullets for each subject

Although Fish Shooting is easy, it will also cause bounty hunters to fall into a deadlock if they do not have a specific strategy. Before starting the game, try to learn about the amount of bonus you can receive for each fish size.

Immediately after that, try to learn about the number of warheads to use corresponding to different creatures. Calculate the difference between the amount of coins needed and the amount earned after defeating the target.

The more detailed the statistics, the more beneficial it will be for bettors to conquer this famous game. Unplanned spending for each shot will cause equity capital to quickly be depleted and then a series of failures will occur regularly.

7/ Do not select auto mode often to shoot fish effectively New88

In the shares about effective New88 fish shooting tips from experts, you can see a recommended recommendation that is repeated a lot: auto mode. Although when we use it we will be more relaxed and do not need to concentrate much.

But in the end, this regime does not bring any benefits to Kham, and even causes more ammunition to be consumed. The best way is to use auto when you want to defeat creatures with huge bonus values, big bosses in the game.

Or when you’re new to the game, you can use this mode to improve your experience. However, when you get better and more professional at playing, the best way is to put auto mode on the blacklist.


Tips for effective fish shooting New88 shared above is largely the experience accumulated over many years of conquest by famous experts. You should try to grasp the knowledge to peak your skills so that the prize-hunting race will be more interesting.

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