Good tips for betting on cockfighting to increase your chances of winning

Good tips for playing cockfighting bets to increase your chances of winning have been shared a lot on cockfighting forums. However in this article Nha ca New88We will summarize the details so you can understand better.

The New88 online cockfighting experience will definitely fascinate you

Compared to raising and participating in cockfighting, online cockfighting betting at New886 is much easier and satisfies both your passion for watching cockfights and your passion for making money. However, not everyone can easily make money with online cockfighting. After experiencing many New88 cockfighting matches, most players do not feel comfortable betting based on emotions. Instead, to increase your chances of winning when betting on cockfighting online, you must have the necessary knowledge and techniques on the subject. Below are some valuable experiences that will help you participate in online cockfighting with bookmaker New88 and ensure victory for all your bets.

Cockfighting betting tips to increase your chances of winning

Choose a reputable bookmaker

Currently, there are many bookmakers and it is easy to find, but choosing a reputable bookmaker depends on many factors. Those who want to find a safe and long-term place to play online betting should pay special attention when choosing a bookmaker.

With just one search, Google can return tens of millions of results from hundreds of different bookmakers. However, it is a process to weed out fake or scam entities and choose a dealer you can trust. If you do not have experience in this issue, you can first contact the bookmaker’s review team or ask experienced players for advice. If not, you can choose yourself based on the following criteria: Medium or large companies with clear addresses, headquarters and a large number of players

Has a legal business license and is considered a large, reputable and quality bookmaker

We have an advanced information security system, completely safe, players’ personal information and transactions are never leaked or distributed to the outside world.

High liquidity, quick, easy and safe trading, deposit and withdrawal

Learn the rules of the game clearly and clearly

Bookmaker New88 not only plays cockfighting, but no matter what platform you play on, you also need to understand the rules and betting regulations of that house. The basic rules of cockfighting are not much different from the traditional way of playing, but each house has its own operating principles, so you must be careful not to violate them. In addition, players must consider and carefully consider their bet level to make the best choice.

Evaluate the strength of cockfighting blows

To make the right choice, players must judge the strength of cockfighting. The most direct way to evaluate their appearance is to predict their likelihood of winning. Here are some tips when choosing cockfighting:

Priority should be given to chickens with dark red color, especially chickens with necks and heads, and avoid chickens with white skin. With its long tail, silky coat, sharp spurs and graceful, graceful gait, fox tails have always been highly prized. Weight gain was observed in some chickens. Although often encouraged to look good, heavy chickens are in fact slow and inflexible when fighting.

 The initial state of a potential chicken is aggressive and will pounce on the opponent, but on the contrary, a hesitant and distracted chicken will not be ready to fight. Chickens with too long legs should not be concerned because their leg strength is weak, they quickly consume energy and their physical strength declines. Consider the age of the chicken. The chicken is too young and lacks fighting experience, it is better to be too old and lack the stamina or desire to fight.
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Choose the right bet

Choosing the appropriate bet level will determine your success or failure in the New88 cockfighting game. Players must clearly understand and choose the standard bet level appropriate to the battle situation of each side.

Remember the fighting history of the cocks

Before placing a bet, remember to research the tournament history and necessary information about the two fighting cocks. This is the basis for knowing the fighting style and fighting ability of each animal and making the most accurate choices. When looking for information, you should pay attention to three basic aspects. The first is the current competitive landscape, the second is your performance relative to your opponents, and the third is your record.

Take advantage of betting opportunities

Don’t be too subjective about the chicken you bet on and don’t be careless while playing. No one can predict the miracles that fighting cocks will perform on the ground. Conditions can change at any time before the end of the game. Experienced bettors closely follow the matches and odds that New88 offers. From there, you can take advantage of the best betting opportunities, increase capital at the highest prices and participate in side betting. This is something not everyone can do and requires agility and skill in capital allocation. That is also the key to getting rich for long-time players of cockfighting bookmaker New88.


Through the article aboveNew88 casino Hope you have given yourself a few tips to play cockfighting betting better. However, these are only assessments based on experience, so they cannot be guaranteed to be highly accurate because they also depend on many actual factors taking place at the match. You should only view this article as an additional reference!

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